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Thank you, Our Dogs!

World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg

Thank you

The Austrian Kennel Club would like to thank our International Media Partner OUR DOGS and all the representatives of the international press for the very large attendance at the show. We especially thank all members of the WDPA for their professional work covering the show. We were delighted to meet you all and hope that you enjoyed your time in Austria and that you will visit us again soon.

Swedish Saluki ist the most beautiful dog in the world

Saluki "Shiraz California Dreamin'" the winner of World Dog Show 2012, Photocredit: Karl Donvil

The Saluki "Shiraz California Dreamin'" is the winner of World Dog Show 2012. Shiraz California Dreamin' was crowned on Sunday evening as the most beautiful dog in the world!




Salzburg (OTS) - The World Dog Show 2012 has finished the choosing of the most beautiful dog in the world. For three days of last weekend was Salzburg the dog-capitol.  There were more than 6.000 dogs on the last day (sunday) in the area. The organizers - Austrian Kennel Club - can see a successful event now: all the visitors have seen of the most colorful selection of the dogs from all parts of our world. So the final feeling will stay focused on happy and satisfied visitors - even if they walk on two or four legs :-)

The Austrian Kennel Club wants to say "thank you" to all the exhibitors, coworkers, visitors and City of Salzburg!


All the results you can find online and free to download here:


Photogallery for World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg

All pictures are free for personal use

Thanks to our Friends from World Dog Show Photoaction we have really nice number of pictures. Here you can find Photos made during the show for each date sort by hour, date, place, etc. You can - free of charge - download any of it for personal use! :-)

PHOTOGALLERY / World Dog Show Photoaction

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G24Tierfreund

The last hours to World Dog Show

Salzburg will be between 18.-20. May 2012 the Capital of Dogs

Wienna (OTS) - The last prepairings are finished, the first exhibitors are with their dogs already in Salzburg, looking they enjoy the Expo Area, austrian friendship and the beauty of the City. The first trainings for Dog Dancing were on Thursday watched by a plenty of media. Also the major austrian ORF took apart:

Heute in Österreich - ORF


Daily press konference, Hall 1, OG at 10:00 / Press Centre



Opening hours for visitors:

Daily 9:00 to 17:00

For dogs: from 7:30

Judging of dogs: 10:00 - 14:00


As we expect enormous interest of visitors on this show, we highly recommend to use the shuttles and local transport to visit Expo. All parking places at Expo are completely full.


Press Registration for the FCI World Dog Show 2012

Persons with official accreditation from the Austrian Kennel Klub (ÖKV) will have a card with their photo allowing them to move and work freely in the whole exhibition center where the event takes place. Media attendance during the event is being organized in collaboration with World Dog Press Association (WDPA).

The accredidation will give to journalists from 18th to 20th of May 2012 a permanent access to the entire event, the parking for organizers, the fitted press room (Phone, Internet access, printers and office equipement, plugs for electric chargers, coffee, refreshments, snacks, break room), press conferences every day, press releases and kits. Press releases will be regulary (before, during and after the event) distributed to registered journalists by email or in the press room.

Recipients must indicate that they are part of the press at World Dog Show. Reference to communicate: C.F.O

Accredited photographers will be able to work during the entire event, strictly respecting the judgement areas. Access to the main ring will be precisely regulated and restricted to holders.

Registration form

Documents required:

- two recent photos
- WDPA Card number
- for non WDPA members, a copy (scan) of their passport
- a copy (scan) of their press card
- a letter of accredidation provided by their agency or other media organization employer

It is naturally understandable that it is not possible to limit photography to accredited photographers only. However, they will be the only ones allwed to work in the rings on a regular basis.

You will receive your tickets and parking reservations approximately one moth before the event. Please note that you have the possibility to check in and register at the WDS 2012 press center already on Thursday 17th, starting noon until 8 pm.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to call:

Dr. Katja H. Wolf
Manager Public Relations

Austrian Kennel Klub (ÖKV)

Siegfried-Marcus-Straße 7
2362 Biedermannsdorf
Mail: katja.wolf(at)oekv.at
phone: 0043 2236 710 667 22
mobile: 0043 699 19 09 19 10 



Invitation to 2nd WDS press conference

Tuesday May 15th, 2012 11:00 a.m.

Arena City Hotel, Am Messezentrum 2, 5020 Salzburg




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T: +43-(0)2236/710 667, F: +43-(0)2236/710 667- 30

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